Hardy Fish
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The following list of fish includes most of the Community fish that we would suggest would be good fishes to start with in the general community tank. However around the Country depending on local water conditions other fish may be more or less suitable
              Do take advice from your local retailer, or e-mail us at the address below.

BARBS   ( fast active easy to keep fish which are mostly very peaceful)

          Cherry barb
          Chequer barb   
          Golden barb ( also called SCHUBERTI BARB)
          Rosy barb
          Ruby barb
          Tiger barb  (keep in small shoals as it can be a little nippy)
          Green tiger barb
          Odessa barb
          Arulius barb

          Black phantom tetra
          Serpae tetra
          Red-eye tetra
          Black widow tetra
          Glowlight tetra        
          Bleeding heart tetra
          Columbian tetra
          Black neons
          Congo tetra
          Head & tail light tetra
          Rosy tetra

          White clouds
          Zebra danio
          Golden zebra
          Pearl danio
          Leopard danio
          Giant danio

           Silver sharks
          Pictus cats
          Boesmanni rainbow
          Praecox rainbow
          Lacustris rainbow
          Most cichlids (except dwarves)

            Do remember that big fish often eat small fish and don't add too many fish at once.

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